Thursday, October 23, 2014

Temple Trip!

Another great week here in Fourways! On Wednesday we had heritage day so we were able to go to the stakes sport day and get closer to the members! That was super fun and we took home first place! 

On Friday we had a temple trip. I love the temple SO much! It is the biggest blessing to be able to go there. The spirit is indescribable and it is the best place to receive personal revelation.

We also had zone meeting that afternoon which went great. We talked about our mission goals and then made some zone goals. We then talked about what we need to do to achieve them and what would hold us back. We talked a lot on consecration and have "LiVE" as our zone motto! Teaching the area and temple offices went well also. They wanted a tune up on finding skills and how to approach people so we did a zone conference on that.

Our Investigators are great. Sadly, Nokthula and her daughter are in cape town for 3 months now. Her job asked her to go there to work at Parliament so she will be gone for a while. I was so bummed when she told us about that. But, the Lord blessed us with a few new investigators. One is an awesome lady named Landela who came to church because a friend told her to and loved it. Another is a referral we got for and father led family which we will be seeing tonight.

In my studies the main thing that stood out to me was from D&C 9:7-9. It is where Oliver Cowdery wanted to translate the plates and was given the opportunity to. The way he tried to was just praying and asking for help; which is good, but not the best thing he could have done. The Lord tells him how he needs to first study it out in his mind or in other words he needs to exercise his agency and Work for it and then he can ask and he will be given his answer. I think sometimes we don't hold up our end of the deal by not working! Lets strive to get to work after we get off our knees! 

I love you! 

Elder Farnes