Thursday, October 23, 2014

New area-Hospital View, New Companion-Elder Smilth-Holly

This past week has been great! Hospital View is a sweet township with tons of potential! My new comp is Elder Smith-Holly from New Zealand. He is about 3 months on mission and still has his greenie fire so we are going to do some great work here. This past week we have been doing a lot of finding to get some more legit people in the teaching pool.

Some of the best inv we have our Basadi ans Sunday who are husband and wife. They are ready to be baptised once Sunday quits smoking. We set a date for him to quit and made him a cigarette milkshake last night to help him quit! We also have MJ who is incredible. She is searching for the truth and just soaks up all that we teach her... the thing that is holding her back is that she works on sundays so we will be trying to get around that. We also have Ndivhu who is an amazing lady. She has two one year old sons and has been praying for a church! 

We will also be focusing on less actives and strengthening the ward. Apparently there is almost 200 less actives and we only get about 60 to church which is terrible for a ward! We will be picking that up as well! 

In my studies i really loved a scripture from John 16:33 which talks about how in Christ we can find peace and in the World we will find tribulation. It is so true and I am so grateful for the peace that the gospel brings into our lives. It is a peace that we can't find any other way! 

I love you all!

Elder Farnes