Thursday, October 23, 2014

Good-bye Fourways

Sorry I have to be short this week! This past week has been a great! It has been exciting and sad at the same time. I am leaving Fourways tomorrow and being transferred to a place called Hospital View! It was so sad to say goodbyes to the people that I have gotten so close to... but excited for what the Lord has before me! 

Conference was amazing!! We were able to watch it all over the weekend! I think my favorite talk was by Pres. Uchtdorf on "Lord, is it I?" Too many times in life we point the finger instead of trying to correct myself.. that is going to be something I will try my hardest to apply as I strive to become more like my Savior! I also loved Elder Scotts talk. He went back to the basics of prayer, scripture study, fhe, and temple attendance and taught it powerfully! The Gospel really is so simple and we complicate it too much! I am so grateful to have living Prophets and Apostles that can guide us in these last days!! I love you all so much! 

Elder Farnes