Thursday, October 23, 2014

Book of Mormon

This past week was a really solid week! We're really focusing on Book of Mormon reading with a few people and we really think that is just going to automatically help them to be more committed and progress. Gillian told us as she has been reading the chapters that we have left with her that all of them just speak to her and it tells her exactly what she needs to do! She is being taught by the spirit even when we aren't there!! 

Most of Our investigators are doing good. We got a couple of new referrals this past week that we will see this week and had to drop a few of the "jokers" that we were seeing. Chimwemwe passed his interview yesterday and just needs to get a second one from Pres. Dunn so that he can get baptised this sunday! Way pumped for him! He is powerful! 

In my studies this past week I came across a sweet talk on Faith in Jesus Christ and decided to go into a deeper study into it. Faith is really like exchanging collateral... we trade our works of Faith for witnesses of the spirit (Ether 12:6) In the Faith Process there are four stages that each of us need to go through. The First stage is Faith as Hope. The process is described perfectly in Alma 32:26-30. We first need to desire to believe (shown by our works and obedience). We then need to be willing to experiment; Investigators especially need to be willing to read, pray, and attend church. As they do those things they WILL feel the spirit witness of the truth unto them. Any Honest seeker of truth will receive that witness. And lastly, they need to be willing to act! They need to take the steps necessary after that witness has been received! I really think that if Investigators understand this process it will make them more able to recognize their answers! I am so grateful for the opportunity that my Faith has to grow every day!

I love you all so much!
Elder Farnes
Elder Farnes