Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another Great Week!

Another Great Week! This past week was jam packed with meetings, appointments and finding! On Thursday we has Mission Leadership Council. It was a really great meeting where we discussed How and What we can do to really get members involved and get the work to Boom! 

On Thursday we went on exchanges with a companionship which went great. Their area has been struggling a little bit so it was good to get in there with them and try to help them in any way that we could! 

Our Investigators are doing good as well! Khumbo went to Zimbabwe to hopefully pick up Marvelous. Monique is continuing to be powerful and loves reading the Book of Mormon. Leratoe is also doing amazing! She pretty much teaches us when we go and see her! Her work schedules just changes as well so that she will be able to make it to church from now on! 

For my study the third stage of Faith is Exceeding Faith in Christ's redeeming power. As a person continues in good works his faith and knowledge will come to a perfect brightness of Hope in Christ's Atonement! (2 Nephi 31:20) Each person will go through the process described in Mosiah 4:1-4 and is filled with Joy as they feel the Atonement working in their lives! They are willing to do whatever the Lord asks, to sacrifice all things! Miracles are wrought and angels appear (Moroni 7:37) My favorite  example of this is in Helamen 10:4-5 with Nephi! The trust between him and the Lord grew to a whole new level! I pray that we may be able to increase ours as well! 

I love you all so much! 

Elder Farnes