Thursday, October 23, 2014

President and Sister Dunn Arrive

This week has been really good, but interesting at the same time! We have been kind of taking care of a missionary from Uganda that is down here for some medical reasons. He is a sweet guy, but he has been taking most of our mornings and some early afternoons by going to the hospital.

This week we were able to meet the Dunns!! They are awesome! I love them already! I can't wait to carry on the work of Salvation with them! In the meeting with our Zone we were able to discuss a lot of Maxims that are mission will have! I feel like our mission is going to be elevated with these... Can't wait for the work to progress even further! 

We were also able to go to the temple this past week! I just love the spirit that is felt in the temple! There is nothing like it... you are able to feel true peace! I am so grateful for the temple.

Our investigators are doing great... Khumbo and Marvelous are still progressing like crazy, Chimwemwe is still powerful, and we were able to fast with Edward and Sally that he would be able to get more sundays off of work so that he can make it to church! 

We also hopefully have a few new families this week! We had a baby blessing in the ward on Sunday and we had the family use it as an opportunity to bring some non members! They brought two families and they both seemed really interested! 

In my study this past week I really enjoyed reading about Justice and Mercy in Alma 42! It has become one of my favorite chapters. In the beginning it talks more about the fall and then in verses 13-15 it jumps into how that made it necessary for an Atonement to be made! It also talks about how God is perfect in every way.... He is perfectly Just as well as perfectly Merciful! In 23-24 it talks about the Truly Penitent... We need to humble ourselves in order to receive mercy! And then in 27 it talks about our agency, We are ALL free to come and enjoy Mercy in our lives!! Let us help others enjoy the same blessings that come from the Atonement and Mercy! 

I love you! 

Elder Farnes