Thursday, October 23, 2014


Another Great week here in Fourways! I am loving this area!! The members and investigators here are incredible! 

This past week we focused a lot on Khumbo since his wife went back to Zim to get a passport and visa. He has enjoyed everything we have taught, but hasn't been too committed. We really took advantage of this week with just him and he has made some huge strides! He is fully committed to the gospel now and is just progressing like crazy! 

This past week we also had Missionary Leadership Council! We discussed a lot on the Principles of Leadership from the life of Christ. A few of the things that I really enjoyed with regards to the zone was the need to see where people are at and help them reach their full capacity! Along with that everyone needs to be moving together with the same goals! Missionaries, members, and Investigators. It is so important that we all see what the final goal is! (D&C 38:27) 

In my study this past week I really enjoyed reading John 15. It has become one of my favorite chapters! In this chapter he talks about how we are expected to be Producers! He commands us to bring forth much fruit! In verses 4 and 5 he lets us know how with him we can accomplish miracles and without Him we can do nothing! We need to be Working with Christ for this work to move alonng... It is His work! In verse 8 we are told that this is the main way that we become his Disciple! and In verse 16 it says how we are Called and Ordained to bring in Fruit,... but not only that, to bring forth fruit that will remain! We need to bring in people that are truly converted and prepared to serve him throughout the rest of their lives! I also loves verses 7,9, and 10... It lets us know that this is the way to find Joy!! Happiness is always found in the work of the Lord! 
I love you all so much! 

Elder Farnes