Friday, May 29, 2015

Dec. 15-Thabos Baptism

Another great week here in South Africa! The highlight of the week had to have been Thabo's baptism. I have never seen him so excited... he wouldn't stop smiling! He has grown so much and was definitely prepared for that step in his life. He was able to bring his girlfriend and his mom to church with him and they loved it as well. In Gospel Principles class she stopped me and asked what she needed to do to be baptised! She said she has seen an incredible change in her son and wants the same in her life! 

On friday we had mission tour with Elder Cook from the Seventy. It was a really great conference and I learned a ton. The main theme for the conference was "Converted Unto the Lord" and we went through a lot about the changes that are needed for an investigator as well as ourselves to put off the natural man. Something that stood out to me was when he talked about our personal studies. He told us how if we are studying for ourselves we are limiting the revelation we could be receiving and being selfish. I am excited for the revelation to come as I put all my study efforts into the people we will be seeing. 

While I was studying for some of the investigators what really kept coming to me was the "WHY" in all the things that we do and how to make sure the people we are teaching understand that for themselves. If they understand the why, the will figure out the how! I was studying about the Sabbath Day for Sunday and Basadi and we decided to focus on receiving their own personal revelation through church attendance. We read Moroni 6:4-6 (the why) and then discussed how they can make church more meaningful for them. I love a quote from Pmg that says "Our Sabbath day behaviour is a reflection of our commitment to honor and worship God." I am so grateful for the sabbath day and the opportunity I have to receive answers to my questions and solutions to my problems while I am there. 

I love you!

Elder Farnes