Friday, May 29, 2015

Dec. 29

This past week was really great! Christmas was one of the best yet and it was awesome to be able to skype you guys!!

We got an awesome new investigator this past week named Bemba. He is from the DRC and just randomly decided to come to church! He has really been prepared to receive the gospel and was definitely led by the Lord to come! A lot of our investigators have gone back to their homelands for the holidays, but they are still progressing well. We are keeping in good contact with them often. Elder Smalley and I have been doing different competitions this past week to find new people. For example one day it was a competition to give out the most pass along cards or to get the most return appts with a male over 20. It has been working great and should have some solid new people this week!

With New Year's day this week in mind I love a scripture from Luke 2:52. This scripture talks about how Jesus grew. It focuses on 4 main areas with - Spiritual, Physical,. Mental, and Social. I am so grateful for New Years Resolutions and for the opportunity they have to stretch us and make us into more than we ever thought we could be!! I love you all! Have a Happy New Year and let's make 2015 the best year yet!

Elder Farnes