Friday, May 29, 2015

Jan. 12-Miracles

This past week has been a week of miracles!! Throughout the whole week we have been able to see the hand of the Lord in my life time and time again! People are progressing like never before, the LA work is moving along so quickly, and we have been getting a lot of referrals and member missionary work is being done!!

We got a call on wednesday night from a member of our ward who had a friend he wanted to introduce us to. To introduce us to him he decided to set up a pick up game of basketball! It was a ton of fun and we were also able to talk to a few of his other friends!

Friday night we were able to go and see the Chiloanes. We were able to paint their house earlier that week and came back to teach! They started right off with telling us how they want to be sealed together as a family this year! They were so excited and are going to meet with Bishop to get them started on the right path!

At church on Sunday we had over 130 people. They haven't gotten numbers like that for a year or more! We counted 9 non members that came as well as 13 less actives!! 5 new people decided to show up and we are meeting with all of them this week! 2 husbands and wifes and a guy that is married to a member!

Mj's sister also came to church on sunday for the first time. She has been joining in on the lessons, but has had no desire to progress! After church she ran up and told us that she wants to be baptised with her sister!!

The Lord is really blessing Hospital View and I am so grateful for it. We are so busy now that we have to squeeze people in to make sure that we see all that we need to. I am so grateful to be a missionary and to have the opportunity to serve others! This is HIS work!

Elder Farnes