Friday, May 29, 2015

Feb.9-Incredible Week

This past week was incredible. The highlight of the week was Thatos Baptism! He was so excited and it went perfectly! His Mom was so happy and was crying... We have reactivated her and his brother and sister just in the past couple of months!

Mj got a call friday morning from her new work place informing her that they were moving to a new place and that because of that she would have to work that sunday. Because of that we will be having their baptisms this week!

We reactivated a sweet guy named Lesego this past week! He is a professional soccer player and  lost his way with the busyness of life! We also got an amazing new investigator named Lucky! He is such a blessing...  He has been a "Church Hopper" and is wanting to find the truth!

In 1 Samuel 3:3-10 it tells the story of the Lord speaking to Samuel and him not recognizing the voice and thinking that it was Eli. How often does the Lord try and prompt or speak to us and we don't recognize His voice? With how busy the world is if we are not paying close enough attention we will miss those promptings. Let us put first things first and always act on the promptings we receive!

Elder Farnes