Friday, May 29, 2015

Jan. 19-Members Helping

Everyone is officially back from vacation!!! I am so excited to have everyone back... it now will be even tougher to fit everyone into our schedule. But what a great blessing that is!

Our Investigators are all doing great! Everyone is progressing well and we are seeing the hand of the Lord truly change their lives. The only struggle we have right not is with Bemba.... he has had a few set backs and is really wondering if joining the church and be baptised is the right thing for him in his life right now. We are seeing him on Wednesday and he said he will come with his answer. Keep him in your prayers!

Members are continuing to do incredible missionary work. We had a couple members bring their friends to church and we also had another guy named Lucky that randomly decided to come this morning! After Church we went out again with the Leaders and visited Less Actives! We were able to get 2 more back this past sunday and have even more to see now!

This next sunday after church we are having a fireside to help build unity within the ward and to help people to bring friends and less actives back to church so we are telling everyone we see to come! It should be a great activity!

In Thessalonians 5:19 it says "Quench not the spirit." Is there anything in our lives that "quench" the spirit? Even just a little bit? Or maybe something small that will keep us from receiving even more of the spirit. In all our lives there is always something that can be done to better ourselves and enjoy more fully the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Make those changes today. Miracles will happen.

I love you all so much!

Elder Farnes