Monday, December 9, 2013

"Latter-Day Saints"

This past week has flown by. My testimony of the power and influence the Book of Mormon can have in someone's life has been confirmed again and again. 

This past week Elder Deichman and I were walking up the street when a man pulled over in a car and yelled "Latter-Day Saints!" We went over to him and invited us to come and meet with him and his cousin that night. He said he had been reading a lot about the church.

We went over that night and had a powerful discussion with them on what they knew and just getting to know them better. He told us of how a few months ago he really wanted to know about Jesus Christ and was looking for a book that would help him. He came across the Book of Mormon online and downloaded it onto his phone. He was hesistant about reading it but prayed and had the feeling that he should. He started reading from the Introduction page and said that he couldn't stop reading. He would read during lunch at work and right when he got home til he went to sleep. He told us of how much he loved reading about the Vineyard in Jacob and how he couldn't stop crying when he read about Christ coming and visiting the people in the Americas and how Christ even started weeping. He also told us from what he read how he knew his baptism wasn't done correctly and how he knew the true way to do it know. He is as golden as they come.

We went back a few days later and taught him about the Restoration. At the end of the lesson he talked about how strong the feelings inside him were and how it felt like he was "Coming Home." He came to church on Sunday and he loved it as well. He wants to be baptised and I am sure he will become a powerful member of the church. We found out he actually lives in another area so we will have to pass him on to the Elders there but we will continue to teach his cousin. 

This past week I had also finished the Book of Mormon again. It is definitely the most correct book ever written. In Mormon 8:35 it talks about how he saw our day while he was writing and abridging the book. He only left in the parts that he knew we would need in our day, and that is why it is so important that we "liken the scriptures unto ourselves" 1 Nephi 19:23. We need to constantly be asking ourselves why those certain stories and scriptures were the ones that were kept. They are and always will be for our benefit and will always keep us on the straight and narrow. I am so grateful for the power of the Book of Mormon. I know it is true with all my heart.

I love you all so much!

Elder Farnes