Monday, February 24, 2014


This past week has been sweet! Lots of people are progressing towards becoming more and more converted unto the Lord and are preparing themselves to follow Christ. We also have an incredible new investigator. The work of the Lord is great!

Sister Thumi and Maria are preparing for their baptismal interview this week! Sister Thumi hasn't missed a week  of church since we have started teaching, even when she went out of town she found a church to go to! She struggles with remembering things but she knows this is the Truth! Sister Maria is in a part member family and is solid as well! We are teaching a lot of part member families and it is going great! Some more investigators that are progressing well in part member families are Bonginkosi, Lebogang, Amoneng, and Nono. Hopefully we can get them all prepared for March as well! We also have a sweet new investigator named James. He is a professional soccer player and is a flat out stud! Our first appt. with him he bore testimony of the Truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and of the Church! He has been through a lot and he said that this gospel fulfills him like nothing else can! He came to church as well and is so prepared! Mabopane is going great!
This past week in my study I was reading through Mosiah. In Mosiah 21:7-15 the people of Limhi went up against the Lamanites to battle relying or using their own strength. They did this three times each time being defeated! It was only when they humbled themselves and recognized the need for the Lord that He was then able to help them and their burdens were eased. How often do we try and solve our problems without God and THEN turn to him after we have failed. We need to turn to Him first, to be entirely dependent upon Him and His love for us. We need to allow him to lead us in our lives. (Mosiah 24:15) As we do this He will lead us!!
Love you all!

Elder Farnes