Monday, February 3, 2014

Salome Baptized!

This past week has been so great! Salome was baptized yesterday and it was one of the best experiences so far on mission to be apart of it! To see the excitement that their whole family had as they found out Friday night after her interview with President Omer and to witness their pure joy as Brother Abbey was able to baptise his wife. Their family has now been completed. She had been through 7 pairs of missionaries and it was so amazing to be able to witness the spirit work with her. The light of Christ has truly come into her life in the past couple months and she is a completely new person. We also set the goal for them to be sealed together as a family in a year from now and they said that they are going to start saving a little each year so that one day they can go and serve a couples mission. This is what mission is all about! I love it!
I am staying in Mabopane for another transfer which is great! Our investigators are progressing well and we are going to start working a little more with some less actives!
Back to Consecration! The third thing that we need to give to God is our hearts! In D&C 64:22 It says how the Lord requires our hearts! He doesn't beat around the bush with it... He requires it and we need to give Him it! In Mosiah 5:13 it talks about the importance of our hearts! It is the only TRUE way to come to know Christ instead of just knowing about him or of him! 
"The greatest battle you will ever fight will be within the silent chambers of your heart."
I love you all so much! I pray that we may give ourselves to the true Master!
Elder Farnes