Monday, March 17, 2014

Interesting Experiences

This past week was great! Lots of awesome experiences and a pretty interesting one! haha. So our car almost got hijacked this past week... We were pulling up to a stop sign and a big group of people were walking across the street, one of them started running towards us and tried yanking open the driver door. Luckily we had it locked and sped off as quick as we could! It was pretty sweet! I am grateful that we had the door locked though, right before we left my comp had the impression that we needed to lock our doors, The Lord is always protecting us! It is so important to follow the promptings that we receive though!
We also had Zone Conference this past week! We talked about our Missionary Purpose and how we need to really internalize it. There is such a big difference between having activities and working with a purpose. We can be busy as missionaries with finding, teaching, and planning... but all of those things are just means to an end! The end is to get God's children truly converted and baptised! The only way for people to get a remission of their sins is through baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost! Our objective is not to teach lessons, it is to offer salvation!
We also met a sweet Investigator this past week named Alexandra. He is a man in his early twenty's and has been through a lot. Growing up he got into drugs and was with the wrong group of friends, he went to rehab and for the first time got to learn more about Jesus Christ. He loved it! He wants to switch his life around for the better and he knows that it is only through the Redeeming power of Jesus Christ that it is possible! We talked a lot about the atonement with him and how he can be washed clean from everything from his past! He has been to church twice and is loving it!
In my study this past week I loved the scripture in Alma 37:41-42. We can learn so much from the story of Lehi and his Children. We learn that it took them 8 years to get to the promised land... That is a LONG time! From this scripture we learned it took them so long because of a lack of faith, slothfulness, and wickedness. Because of their actions they didn't travel in a direct course, they suffered thirst, fatigue, and many other afflictions. How many times in our lives are we not going in the straight course? Our ultimate goal is to Become like God. (Reach the Promised Land) What little things may put us off the course or maybe even delay becoming all that God has in store for us? Let us do all that we can to stay on that course and not delay becoming a "sharp" tool in the Lord's hands!
I love you!

Elder Farnes