Monday, October 7, 2013

New Companion

This past week has been a great one. I got my new companion who I am training. His name is Elder Deichman and he is from Elkridge, Utah. He is a way cool guy. We have been getting along great. We are completely relying on the Lord, being strictly obedient, and working our tails off. Whenever we get a chance, even if it's just 15 minutes, we hurry and go do some tracting/contacting. 

This last week we were able to put the whole Mohlapo family on date. We had a powerful lesson with them. The dad was so excited about it all. He said they will "definitely" be ready in November. And before we could even bring up that we wanted to see them twice a week he brought it up! It was powerful. We also tracted into a sweet guy named Mpho. He is pumped about everything, progressing very well, and loved church on Sunday. 

Conference was also amazing this past week. What a great opportunity and blessing we have to be able to hear from our Prophet and his Apostles. To receive inspired instruction and to be able to have the truthfulness of our church confirmed to us. Now what we have to do is apply the teachings into our lifes. To take what we have learned and to become greater disciples of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Some of my favorite talks were from President Uchtdorf. He talked about how the people of the church don't require anything from us, but the Lord requires us to consecrate all. And he invited all to "Come, Join With Us." In the Priesthood session he gave another great talk, this time talking about how we need to "Rise Up." He said we do not make ourselves champions by being perfect, we do it by making mistakes and rising up from them. By learning and becoming better from them. He also said how we need to make the Lord's goals our goals! Priorities were also stressed with Elder Oaks talk. We need to make sure our ultimate and highest priorities need to be God's.

I love you so much!

Elder Farnes