Monday, September 9, 2013

Powerful Week!

This past week has been powerful. We have had some incredible spiritual experiences and the Lord is definitely working with us here in Birch Acres. On Wednesday night we went to go meet with the Makwela family. (The one that I talked about in my last email who's aunt gave a powerful testimony to them in sacrament meeting.) When we arrived we were told that the Mother and Father were both really sick. We taught the kids for a little bit and then went to go check on the parents. While we were talking to them the mom told us she wanted a blessing from us. We were able to give both the Mom and Dad Priesthood blessings and the spirit was SO strong! They are both completely healthy now and know that it was because of the blessings. Yesterday Zanela (One of the Zim sisters) couldn't come to church because her daughter was sick also.We were also able to give her a blessing and once again the spirit was overwhelmingly powerful. I'm so grateful to be able to hold the priesthood and to be able to exercise its power worthily. The Priesthood power from God is so real!
Thursday night we met with Bhobo and his mom. They came to church for the first time last Sunday and loved it. They were even at church half an hour early. When we met with them the Mom showed up with KFC for us. She served us and her sons chicken and french fries while she just had a tiny bowl of mashed potatoes. When we teach them we don't turn on the lights and you can tell they are barely getting by financially. KFC is pretty expensive here and you could tell it was a big sacrifice for her to do this for us. She was so happy to give us it though. It was such a humbling experience and I KNOW the Lord will bless her in her life.
On Saturday we were on our way to an investigator when a man came out of his house and stopped us. He asked us "Why we haven't ever visited his house?" We quickly told him we could meet with him right now if he was available. We went into his house and had a great lesson with him. At the end of the lesson he told us he wanted us to come back the next day. We met with him yesterday and it was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been apart of. He started off by asking some inspired questions to us about which is the right way to get baptized and then asked how you can tell which Christian church is really the right one! We taught him the Restoration and I felt the spirit so strongly as I was able to share with him about Joseph Smith and the First Vision. He loved it all. He kept on saying how much sense this makes and at the end he said that he thinks this is the truth and the right way for him. He wanted us to come back again tonight, but we want to meet with his whole family so we will be seeing them Thursday night. The Lord has definitely prepared Moses for the gospel.
The scripture I would like to share is found in Helamen 10:4-5. Nephi was such a powerful missionary and I love the way it talks about the way he did his missionary work. It says he declared the gospel with Unwearyness, without fear, without seeking his own life or his personal desires, while seeking to do the will of God, and while keeping all the commandments. This is the way I am trying to commit myself to the Work of Salvation. It hit me so strongly and I want to make sure I am always dedicating myself to the Lord with Unwearyness!
I Love you all so much!
Elder Farnes