Monday, August 5, 2013

Great Week!

Another Great week! This past week I've had some incredible
experiences. We have been teaching a lot of great people and We found
a family that has been powerful to teach. We met them through tracting
and the Day, Brother Kimberley, told us to come back another time. We
did and had a great lesson with him and his daughter the following
day. They invited us to come back saturday night so that we could
teach them when the wife was home as well. We taught the whole family
about the Restoration and the wife seemed really interested. The
spirit was strong in the room. The wife is the one in the family that
goes to church every week so we really tried to get her involved and
she had some great input. We then introduced the Book of Mormon and
they all committed to read and pray about it. I know that the Book of
Mormon will get her and the rest of the family. You can't read it and
pray about it without knowing it's true!! We then went to the Gunene
Family to teach them. We got there and the family was all sad because
their nephew had just died. We taught them a little about the Plan of
Salvation, but just focused on how we KNOW they will be able to see
him again and how they can have their family together forever. It was
a such a spiritual moment as we closed in prayer and expressed what we
know to be true. We weren't able to have Kamagelo's baptism yesterday,
but we will be having it this week. We didn't have a font and I think
this week will be doing at a pool. Brother Andres son turned eight
recently and asked me the other day if I would baptise him also. So we
will be having both of theirs this sunday.

This last week in my scripture study I was able to read through third
Nephi and loved reading about Christ coming and visiting the people in
the Americas. I just kept thinking about how incredible of an
experience that will be. To be able to be in the prescence of the
Savior, to feel of his love, and to see his smiling face. It's going
to be "like nothing else." Words won't be able to describe the great
JOY that we will feel.

Yesterday in our investigator class we taught the principle of Eternal
families. I was talking about the importance of temples and how we can
be sealed as families for eternity. As I was explaining it I shared
our experience with Jordan and how we were able to be sealed to him. I
got emotional and realized how truly grateful I am for that. I am
beyond grateful that every person in our family will be together
forever! It's one of the greatest blessings in my life that I know
that we have been sealed for eternity!

I love you all forever and a day!

Elder Farnes