Friday, July 12, 2013

Pictures and Letters from Sister Reber SAMTC

Elder Farnes with Elder Tye-SLC Airport

After 39hrs, arriving at the Johannesburg airport

Hey guys. I'm here at the mtc and i'm safe. I placed all three of the Book of Mormons on the way over and some of the pass along cards. I can't wait to get out in the field. I have the coolest companion. He is from Durbin, South Africa. His name is Elder Mkhize. He's going to serve in Botswana and i've already learned a lot about South Africa from him. There are about 20 of us here and probably about half of us will serve here in South Africa. I will be in the MTC for 12 days and p-days are on thursdays. I love you guys. Hope you're all doing great!

-Elder Farnes
London Airport

Dear Family and friends of the missionaries in the SAMTC,

Your missionary arrived safely.  Three Elder's luggage didn't arrive, but
we are hoping it will come soon.  These are pictures of their arrival.  
We are so thankful that your missionary is here,
President and Sister Reber
Today was a beautiful, sunny day in South Africa.  The missionaries were able to go outside and
study.  Although it is winter, the weather has been very mild and enjoyable.

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC
Every missionary in the MTC is in the MTC Choir.  We have the opportunity to perform for the three wards that meet across the parking lot from the MTC.  This will happen next Sunday.  In preparation, we have a 10 minute choir practice each night.  Yesterday, because we came back from the Temple in a timely manner, we had extra time and were able to start choir practice early.

We were singing "Put your shoulder to the wheel".  President Reber gave out solos on the verses.  We went around the whole group and EVERY missionary did a solo.  That is...except Elder Tye and Elder Farnes.  They politely, but firmly declined.  So we were singing the chorus and Sister September sang "Put your shoulder to the wheel...push along.  Elder Tye and Elder Farnes sing along."  It was so cute!  Everyone picked up on it and after a few choruses.....they gave in and each sang a solo part.  It was such a neat evening and brought everyone together in a different and wonderful way.  You would have loved it! I did my best to love it for you.

Thankful for your wonderful missionary,
Sister Reber
Here is the last photo I took of the missionaries holding their "Preach MY Gospel" books, from which they have learned so much.  They all were excited to go out into the field and put into practice the many things they have learned at the MTC.  

This was one of our BEST groups ever at the MTC!  It was the most 18 year olds we have ever had with 8 of the Elders being 18.  They were focused and loved each other and built each other up.  They worked hard and did things out of their comfort zone.  We love them and we miss them.  I wish I could follow them on their mission and continue to document their experiences.  But a new group arrived today and I will turn my focus to them.

God bless you,

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC