Monday, April 14, 2014

Declare the Gospel with Unwearyness

This past week was great! Lots of spiritual experiences where I was able to come to know my savior closer than I ever have before.
Update on all of the Investigators.... Nono and Bonginkosi both are going to have their baptism on April 13th. They are both doing great. Alexandra is still super powerful... After we taught him the Restoration he put himself on date and is super excited to get baptised. He also went to a ward campout and a ysa activity over the weekend.
I think we may have found our golden family. We went and saw them on Sunday and they were humble and ready to listen to the message. It is a family of three and their son is 17. We are seeing them again on Wednesday.
This past week we also had Zone Meeting. We talked about the importance of planning. We are planning when we want Investigators to gain testimonies, what experiences we want them to have at church and so forth. We are planning in Faith. We also talked about Obedience. Something that stood out to me was that when we are disobedient it is like taking the Lord's name in vain. I had never thought of it quite that way, but it is so true.
In my study I loved Helamen 10:4-5. Nephi declared the Gospel with Unwearyness and always sought the Lord's will. He wouldn't ask anything contrary to the Lords' will. If we learn to ask "in the spirit" and according to God's will then it will become even as we ask. As we pray we should feel that we are willing to subject our will to the Fathers. If we do this we will truly come closer to him, miracles will occur, and we will feel of His love abundantly.
I love you!
Elder Farnes