Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

This past week has been great! I had an awesome New Year and Elder Teerlink and I are having tons of fun together. We are being strictly obedient and just doing work!!! haha. We are pretty much the same person so it has been sweet so far. I look forward to all that we will accomplish together.
On Sunday we had Senzo's baptism. He was really excited for it and his sister and Mom came to watch. We also had about 4 or 5 of our investigators there to watch it which was sweet. Boipelo was able to baptise him which was really cool to watch and be apart of. I wouldn't mind if all of our baptisms were done by a member because that would mean they have a good friend and fellowshipper in the church that they can always turn to and that will help keep them on the straight and narrow path. We will also be having Thuto's baptism next week!
On Sunday we also had a great meeting with our Bishop. He is powerful. We are getting really close with him and I'm excited for all that is going to happen. We talked about our plan for the less actives; We sectioned off an area and are going to meet with the home teachers for that area on Wednesday and then identify which people we want to focus on and move from there. The Bishop is also going to start being apart of our weekly correlation meeting with the Ward Mission Leader and he wants to be able to get to know where the members stay so that he or other members from the ward can go and visit/check up on them. We will also start going to the weekly ward council meeting every Sunday morning which will be nice. This is what missionary work is supposed to be like. I am LOVING it.
In my scripture study this past week I read in 2 Nephi 9... It talka about the Plan of Salvation, the Atonement, and how Jesus Christ is the Author of Salvation. I studied just that chapter for an hour and it has become one of my favorites. It starts off in vs. 3 talking about how we should Rejoice forever in the Atonement. The Atonement really is the only way we can get back to our Heavenly Father, one of the greatest things we have. Then in vs. 41 it talks about how we will all stand before Christ and be judged based on what we have BECOME. It is so important that with everything we do that we are not just going through the motions... We need to be becoming something by the actions we do. In vs. 49 it talks about how we need to Abhorr at sin and delight in righteousness and that is truly one of the ways we can tell how converted we are. And in vs. 50-51 it invites us to Comeunto Christ and partake of Salvation. Let us all Become more like and come unto Him in 2014.
I love this Gospel so much!
Elder Farnes